Tippy Connect 5k/10k

Tippy Connect is an organization I have been a part of for nearly a year now. They focus on helping young professionals with networking, professional development and community involvement. If you would like to learn more about the organization you can talk to me, check out the web page, or facebook. The event was a blast the whole time. The overcast sky on Saturday was not only fantastic photography weather (cloud cover means nothing but soft, pleasing light), but also great running weather (warm but not hot).  As a runner myself I was pleased to see how much support the race had. Pretzels, Gatorade, Great Harvest bread, time clock, music, and of course lots and lots of water. Enjoy 32 of my favorite images, they tell the story of the day better than I ever could with words.



  1. Cory Wykoff says:

    Hi, I am interested in getting some of the pictures you have posted along with any other pictures you have from our “Pepsico On The Go” group. I believe you took a group photo of that. I would like digital copies in a larger format than what you have posted.



    • Michael says:

      I will have the full edit of images in online proofing in about 7days.
      We took the images to support Tippy Connect. In keeping with the spirit of the event rather then pay us, we ask that a donation be made to the Hanna Center.


      • Great pictures, you guys have a talent for capturing the emotion of an event. In addition, I greatly appreciate the support you have given Hanna over the years.


        Dewayne A. Moffitt
        Executive Director
        Hanna Community Center

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