Major Update * Please Read

While we all take measures to adapt to the current pandemic crisis, health and safety is our first priority. Face to face interaction at ISPhotographic is suspended until such time as is deemed appropriate – at that time we will resume normal operations. In the mean time, I’ll still be available for orders, questions or concerns. We are well positioned to weather this storm (see below).

Please note that our address and phone number have changed. Phone is now 765.404.2493 and you are encouraged to text first as this is my personal cell phone number.

Address is now 619 S. 18th Street Lafayette, Indiana, 47905. Please send all mail correspondence to that address. Please do not visit unannounced as this is a residential address (and the large German Shepherd who resides here will be guaranteed to have an opinion on the matter!).

In reality these changes were already on the horizon – I had already made up my mind to “move back home” in order to reduce overhead and save toward the purchase of a new, “forever” home for ISPhotographic. The Covid-19 pandemic has moved the timetable up.

I’m viewing this all as a blip in the road of our 20 year history. I’m convinced that this company, this country and this planet will emerge better positioned to embrace the challenges of the future.

Stay safe!

-Dave Mason, Owner and Operator



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