Whitney & Joe | Delphi Opera House

A fantastic couple, an amazing venue, beautiful details and good friends. Saturday’s wedding at the Delphi Opera House was less like work and more like witnessing a coming together of family and friends, with a camera in my hand. I sincerely hope my vision of the day represents the range of emotion that i saw – anticipation, nervousness, exhilaration, relief, joy and love.

The science-meets-skating angle of the day was certainly a fun one! Much decor centered around the passions of Joe and Whitney, and they did a stellar job of injecting their personalities into the experience for their guests. The decor, games, favors and accouterments could not have been better. Oh, and donuts. Donuts. How I adore the many couple choosing donuts over cake for dessert as of late.

These images are but a tiny sample of what I have to eventually show. There were activities I left out this time around, such as the pinata, for the sake of theme and consistency. Believe me when I say there are still many, many images to enjoy. I’ll be working on an album design and the rest of the proofs over the coming weeks, be patient with me and in the mean time enjoy!


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