Holly & Sam | Wedding Photography | Lafayette, Indiana

Looking at Holly and Sam’s images, I see many that I’m quite fond of (and several belong to Heidi – the day’s second photographer). I spent some time thinking about it and while I’m certainly proud of some of the images

we created, what really shines is the unrelenting happiness that is so apparent. Wedding photography isn’t about the photographer or their ideas, it’s about capturing the nature of the day and trying to shed light on the emotions that these people are sharing. You’ll notice that nearly every image here is a candid, and that there is minimal posing involved. It was simply not necessary to expend any extra effort to create beautiful scenes – beautiful moments were simply unfolding in front of my lens.

I only got to know Holly and Sam a short time before the wedding, and much less so than is normally the case. But because they were so joyous it was easy to create visual memories, and special ones at that. From Sam’s expression during the processional, when he sees his bride for the first time on the wedding day, to their embrace during their first dance as husband and wife, I really felt like I was indeed preserving memories to be handed down for generations.

What you see is but a sampling of what is to come. There is much, much more to the day, including a few more surprises. Thank you again to Heidi for doing such a stellar job – there were times when she must have been absolutely reading my mind, because her captures were exactly what I wanted at so many points throughout the day.

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