Natalie & Andrew | West Lafayette Wedding Photography | Blessed Sacrament

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day for a wedding in West Lafayette, and I had the pleasure of working with two beautiful families. Abundant emotion makes for abundant photo opportunities, and I absolutely love it when a day provides so many candid moments. Smiles, hugs, and kisses were the standard of the day.

I have been fond of Natalie and Andrew since meeting them (they were referred by another wonderful client). Kind, considerate and fun, their Engagement Session was a joy to join them in. However, I was offered a glimpse into just what a thoughtful gentleman Andrew is when it came time for Natalie to open her Wedding Day gift from him. I won’t divulge the details and ruin the personal nature of the gift, but I do want to point out how much thought and time went into his choice. I feel like that said a lot about Andrew.

I find myself reflecting on what a peaceful day it was. I don’t recall a single raised voice, a single moment of undue stress. Everyone present was there to share in the happiest of unions, embracing this new adventure as Natalie and Andrew committed themselves to one another. It was an honor to be a part of the experience.

I enjoy many of the images from Saturday but think my favorite is probably the image of Natalie and Andrew from after the ceremony, as they walk in solitude down a hall within the church. Pure candid moments like these are why I photograph weddings. It’s fun to work with couples and groups creating collaborative images, but these pure moments in time are special, and gone forever immediately afterward, except for the capture of light in my frame… frozen in time.

Please enjoy this small sampling of images from the day, and rest assured that there are many more to come.


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