The Best of 2009 – Weddings

Hey everybody! I’m getting excited about the upcoming wedding season – some very wonderful couples, some great locales, even another destination wedding!

So let’s all have some fun: here are a collection of 2009’s best wedding images… from my perspective. But let’s hear your opinion. Vote for your favorite image by clicking the “leave a comment” link at the bottom of THIS post (just below the last image). Then, just let the world know which is your favorite and why.

The best part? I’ll donate $50 to the American Cancer Society in the winning couple’s name! So get all your friends and family over here to vote! Right click here and select “forward this link”.

Voting will end on 12:00am February 1st.

Let’s vote, here are the stars:

#1 – “Red Shoes” Matt and Stephanie’s Wedding

#2 – “Texas Hill Country” Stuart and Korie’s Wedding

#3 – “Gathering of Friends” – Kris and Amy’s Wedding

#4 – “A single Moment” – Brandon and Rita’s Wedding

#5 – “The Cover of Vogue” – Dave and Jen’s Wedding

#6 – “You’re Comin’ With Me!” – Jeff and Kate’s Wedding

#7 – “Radiant Beauty” – Jason and Chaslyn’s Engagement Session

#8 – “A Classic Wedding” – Beau and Julia’s Wedding

#9 – “A Very Purdue Romance” – Dave and Natalie’s Engagement Session

#10 – “Stopping Traffic on Congress Ave” – Elias and Melissa’s Wedding

#11 – “The Beautiful Girls” – Matt and Lynsie’s Wedding

#12 – “A Colorful Kiss” – Russell and Sara’s Engagement Session

#13 – “This Man in Love” – Justin and Brittany’s Engagement Session

#14 – “Going for a Ride” – Patrick and Kristen’s Engagement Session


  1. April says:

    Ok, I vote for #12 – great moment, great composition. BUT, #8 was a very close second!

    • Nancy Marshall says:

      #8 – The bride and groom’s energy seems to be reflected in the sky. Are those clouds real? In any case, it’s a cool photo.

      I also like #9 – appears very natural, but still well composed.

      • Brittany says:

        I would of course have to say #13! #8 is also awesome…very classy!!!

        • Tonya Miller says:

          #10—love the motion, the real life situation, the spontaneity (& the subjects :))

          #14–same reason (i don’t know these ppl tho, but i love their personality which shine in this pic)

          Dave–it really is impossible to choose because all of them are fanatsic for different reasons.

          • Brad says:

            #8- Great pic of Beau & Jules!

            • Allyn Gick says:

              #2 for sure! I just think it is a breathtaking shot. I loved every one of their pics I saw. Love the colors and composition. (#12 was the other that really caught my eye. )
              …but #2 is my pick

              • Matt Ferguson says:

                I like number 1, that’s my vote. I also think number 8 is a nice image. Nice work on the clouds, it really frames everything nicely.

                • Looks like Julia and Beau are pulling ahead, but there’s still plenty of voting time left, so don’t be shy!

                  As for the question about the clouds – they are very real. Very little post production was necessary. Other than the RAW conversion in PS, it was very nearly straight out of the

                  • Sara French says:

                    #12 is my favorite for obvious reasons…but I would definitely say #8 is a close 2nd

                    • Johnny K says:

                      # 7 gets my vote…I am a sucker for the lighting.

                      • Kenny says:

                        #8 – “A Classic Wedding” – Beau and Julia’s Wedding

                        Great pic, Dave.

                        • Katie Bucklin says:

                          #8 because it is an actual wedding photo but I really love the composition of #12, too! I’m a sucker for bridge photos!

                          • Tara says:

                            #10. I love their smiles. They look so happy!

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