Sydney and Brady | Wedding Photography | Bel Air |Kokomo, IN

One of the nice things about traveling for a wedding is that you get to work in new locations. Having fresh eyes on a location can be a huge creative advantage. The first look and portraits were done out at Adam’s Mill. This was my first time there, so I was free to not over think – not worrying about how I had shot in the past or how others had in the past. I was free to just trust my instincts on how best to shoot it. This was also my first time at the new Bel Air in Kokomo. I have to say having a balcony is wonderful. The added birds eye angle is a great change but more importantly for me is being able to get my light that high up, giving a natural feel to the lighting.

I know many people helped but I would love to specifically thank Stephenie – she helped keep the day wonderfully organised. She helped herd the large bridal party out of the Mill, blocked traffic so we could get shots on the bridge and was a resource for me all day. Secondly I would also like to thank Michael who came in to second shoot with me. He anticipated my needs the whole day and his images are, as expected, wonderful.


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  1. Stephenie Pencek says:

    In a day and age where anyone that owns a digital camera thinks that they are a photographer, Michael Dick separates himself has a true professional. His “eye” is amazing! That is something that cannot be taught. The way that he chose to capture Sydney and Brady’s wedding day makes me so so SO glad that we chose him and ISPhotographic. These pictures speak of the emotion of the day not just to us, but to everyone that has looked at them regardless if they were guest of the wedding or not. When there is no “do over” and the moment must be caught as it is happening, it would have been foolish to go with ANYONE that did not offer the portfolio and proven work that Michael does. Cheaper is just that, cheaper. Subpar quality that will last a lifetime. ISPhotographic was not the least expensive but it was far from the most expensive! I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone that is look for a quality photographer!! These pictures were meant for a lifetime of memories. Michael thank you so much for delivering beyond our expectations! We have another daughter so this is notice to stay on stand by! 😉

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