Sarah & Stephen | Dayton, Indiana | Wedding Photography

***UPDATE***Sarah and Stephen’s custom album design and Signature print are both online for viewing.

***UPDATE*** Sarah and Stephen’s personal webpage is now live!  It has a slide show of 30 more images. Check it out, and Stay tuned as it is updated with their album design and Signature Print.

Sarah wanted to keep things simple on her day, so we did just that. We spent the morning getting ready over wine and crudités. While the guys went out to lunch, Morgan did Sara and her mother’s makeup and as always did a phenomenal job. I can retouch skin in Photoshop; however, there is no substitute for good makeup. She is hands-down the best in the area at what she does and a total sweetheart who keeps everyone laughing. We should get her back in here for session two of our Mashup videos.

We also kept the location shoots after the ceremony simple. Sarah must have a good eye because she suggested we use Koehler Brothers, a landscaping supply store right behind the church, for a photo location right after the ceremony. Travel can be one of the biggest time sinks on a wedding day so the fact that we were able to do all the location photography right outside the church and outside the hotel that night helped keep things even simpler.

Sarah and Steve’s engagement session incorporated some night photography last fall. I loved it. Sarah and Steve loved it. So when we got together and were planning how the wedding day should flow I asked Sarah if she would be ok with leaving her reception for a few minutes after dark. It turned out to be a great time, and with Tory being a voice activated light stand it only took 10min to grab 3 different set ups.

Speaking of Tory, she did an amazing job all day as my second photographer. She nailed many of the shots in this post, most notably the first kiss.


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