Sara & Caleb | Wedding Photography | Wea Creek Orchard


The forecast leading up to the day was saying thunderstorms for the duration, so I was prepared to throw our well-defined timeline out the window and just roll with what the day gave us. I didn’t have to do that though as the rain never came, and everything went according to plan. It was overcast in the morning so we had amazing soft light during all the formal photography. Later on during the reception, the sky opened up and let some sun out. A wedding like this makes you feel guilty because everything is just so easy on our part.

I normally am not one for talking about decor at weddings. I like to keep the focus on the people and emotions of the day. However, Sara and Caleb’s decor was tied directly to family. They had family members send them images from their weddings and these were then lined up around the edges of the reception hall. They also had family member’s old wedding dresses hanging behind the head table. This decor not only looked great, it helped to place emphasis on the importance of family and culture. I know it will not shock anyone that the photographer loved all the old photos.

Rebecca was with me again on this wedding and I continue to be blown away by her work. Her knack for finding great moments always impresses me.

This wedding blog is a monster. It is the largest post I have ever made. In order to cut it down I would have to have cut some of the weirder more quirky moments from the day. I just loved those moments to much to do that. So…it just needed to be this big.



  1. Uncle Jim Connick says:

    What a lovely couple. What a delightful wedding, I am so pleased that you posted all of the photos. I am thrilled to be able to experience these visual memories. Love to both – Uncle Jim

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  2. Alyssa says:

    Beautiful! What was the name of the place where the bridal party got ready?

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  3. Bernadette’s, in Lafayette.

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