Michelle & Gary – October 7, 2006

Update 12/12/06: Images have been up for a little while, click here.

Update 11/1/06: The preliminary album is available for viewing here. Give the software a sec to get going. Enjoy!

Update 10/26/06: I’ve been ill most of this week so please check back in next week to see an album design. Thanks everybody!

Sometimes I feel bad mentioning the weather when writing about a wedding because there are obviously so many other good things to say, but when you get a PERFECT day in October… in Indiana… it’s something to write home about!

I worked with Jen and Lanette, who is new with us and did a fine job, and had a great bridal party to keep things going. Michelle made such a beautiful and patient bride, and I don’t think she stopped smiling all day! Thanks to Gary and the families as well for making my work day so enjoyable.

I’ve got so many good images, so here are fifteen or so until I can get an album designed. Check back next week!

Aren’t these two cute?

The girls…

A few last-minute alterations.

A cool elevator shot…

I like the colors and light in this one:

More of those blue dresses…

Michelle gets a lift to the wedding:

Gary and the guys.

That’s a long aisle, LOL!

That beautiful weather:

Maybe the shoe toss will become tradition!

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