Michelle and Ryan | Mavris Arts Center | Indianapolis, Indiana | Wedding Photography

UPDATE: Michelle and Ryan’s personalized website is now online! Be sure and get registered to receive updates moving forward!

Michelle and Ryan were praying all year for snow on their wedding day. Michelle had her heart set on fresh, unbroken snow in some of her images, so all the kids with canceled school have Michelle and Ryan to thank for their time off!

This was my first wedding at the Mavris in Indianapolis and it lived up to all the great things I had heard. The staff were the some of the best I have worked with, and as you can see from the images, the space is gorgeous. The wonderful staff even made sure to keep the patio snow unbroken at the brides request!

Becky was along to photograph the event with me. She got some truly amazing images. The one I am most in love with and the one I want to point out specifically is image 33;  it has everything you are looking for from a ceremony image. Michelle is walking down the isle with her Dad as Ryan is wiping a tear from his eye at seeing her for the first time. As if that was not enough, Michelle’s mother is also looking on, beaming with the world’s biggest smile.

The best moments for me on a wedding day are always the ones no one could ever plan. The final image in this post is one of those moments. Michelle and Ryan had just done a send-off, leaving the venue through a line of sparklers. I asked for those people with sparklers to come closer to the car, to be able to get them in the reflection of the glass. Michelle’s father ended up coming closer and I caught her looking back through a decorated window with a huge smile, making eye contact with her father in the reflection. This is why I love wedding photography. Real powerful human moments with all this symbolism boiled into it. I live for these images.


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