Meganne & Tanner | West Lafayette, IN | Engagement Photography

It has been a while since I have had the pleasure of shooting portraits out in the snow. Two years ago I was able to do some, both DJ promo work and an Engagement. Last year the weather was just overly warm and we did not get much of a true winter here in Lafayette. This year the cold is back, and with Meganne and Tanner both being active and outdoorsy people we were able to get out in it.

Planning a shoot like this is a bit more difficult than normal. You hope to get snow when shooting in February but you never know. The weather can be 2 deg’s or 50, you just never know. So we planned the shoot with a great deal of flexibility for the weather. I could not have asked for a better day to shoot in the snow. The snow was sticking, It was as warm (well as warm as snow weather can be), and the snow was actually falling during the shooting. Because of this killer weather the majority of the images are focused on it. We also used indoor spots of the studio and Bowling Alley and we got some great stuff there, but I was digging the snow so much I really focused on it in this post.


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