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UPDATE: So, the album design is done. Finally. I say that because you have no idea how much I stressed over this one.

When Meaghan approached me some months back about photographing her wedding, she impressed upon me how much she loved my work – to the point that I got the impression that my photography would be the number one priority of the day. Perhaps I’m a narcissist (I am), or perhaps she simply knows how to make one feel appreciated, either way I’ve build this album design up in mind until it was larger than life.

I hope this doesn’t freak Meaghan out, but there was a point during the design that I wanted to run and hide. I’d convinced myself (as I often do) that this was the one where I’d finally blown it, I was officially washed up, and she and her family would probably sue me because of the horrendous job I’d done! Many of you would be surprised how often I actually feel that way about a project, but never was it so bad as with this album design.

The funny thing is, once I’d put the finishing touches on the last couple pages, and could just sit back and look over the design as a finished product, I found that I really, really, liked it. No, I love it. The wonderful fall colors, all the happy smiles, the energy… I also feel that there is a very high level of creative consistency with this particular album. There is one spread that I agonized over in particular, and I’m still not sure it’s quite right (that’s what album changes are for, after all), but it works. And no, I won’t tell you which one it is!

So anyway, enough of my struggling artist psycho babble! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the album design!

UPDATE: Check out the personalized website!

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  1. Kathleen Smith says:

    can’ wait to see all of the far beautiful

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