Lindsey & Joe – September 3, 2006

Update 11/1/06: After fire, brimstone, locusts and plague (just kidding,LOL), images are finally up here!

Update 10/10/06: The rest of the wedding images will be up soon, I’m shooting for early next week, so check back!

Update 9/29/06: The preliminary album is available for viewing here. Give the software a sec to get going. Enjoy!

Update 9/12/06: I’m shooting for tomorrow night for the album design…

Update 9/8/06: Well, normally I’d like to have an album design up by this time of the week, but unfortunately it looks like it’s going to be the beginning of next week. I promise to make it worth the wait!

So I ‘ve had this wedding coming up… the one I keep telling people is “at a castle”. That always gets the same response: a wide eyed expression of awe with the mouth slightly agape! LOL…

Truth be told, the wedding was at a castle, but the best part about it was Lindsey, Joe and their friends and family. I could easily go on about the venue, Myers Castle in Dyer, Indiana (it was breathtaking) but I’d rather tell you about Lindsey and Joe. Linsey is beautiful, but what I notice more is her commitment to Joe, her friends and those around her. She made me feel so ‘at home’. Her bridesmaids were just great (that includes Becca) and I really wish I’d had the opportunity to spend more time with the groomsmen (they arrived just before the ceremony) because they were just a blast… and not just on the dance floor!

Joe took time out from the mad fun at his reception to seek me out and say goodnight, which means alot to me, and I think it says alot about Joe as a person. Here’s wishing the best to Lindsey and Joe, and I’m really fortunate to be the one documenting their wedding and providing their memories of the day. Congratulations!

Here are some quick favorites until I can get an album design up… click on the images to view them at a larger size.

The ceremony site:

You know it’s gonna be fun when it’s wine in a box!

These girls know how to celebrate!


Lindsey (I asked her for ‘serious’, so it’s not her fault if she looks that way):

The moment approaches:

One of my favorites of Lindsey:

Those wacky groomsmen:

We all know how happy they are:

But the girls offered a little encouragement anyway! LOL

Check back soon!

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