Lindsay & Rob | Wedding Photography | Downtown, Lafayette IN

I am sure Lindsay is expecting me to write about her Twizzlers, but I will resist. What I want to talk most about is Rob and Lindsay’s anniversary box seen in image 24 with the rings. This box was built by Lindsay’s father. Locked inside this box are letters that Rob and Lindsay wrote to each other, along with a bottle of wine and two glasses. They will open this box on their first anniversary, and repeat the tradition of the box every year for the rest of their lives. I love personal traditions like this, even more so ones that include wine!

A big thank you to Tory Marks who shot alongside me and covered the guys. Her image 13 in this post, of the guys walking across the bridge to the ceremony, is one of those shots that I wish I could have taken. So good.

Another big big big thank you to the whole bridal party, who made the long photo walk around downtown. I truly always appreciate it. The perfect weather helped, but all your high spirits throughout the day helped even more.

Lastly you will see more dancing shots in this post than I normally include. I just loved so many of them, most notably the final image of the night when Lindsay put on some Ray-Bans and the blue light from the DJ came into my lens. I knew the shot composition I wanted, but the blue (that appears purple in camera) is just pure, random luck.

Stay tuned to this post. it will be updated with a link to Lindsay and Rob’s personal web page next week. That page becomes a hub for all things Rob and Lindsay. It will be updated with more images over the next month including the album design. If you were a guest you will also be able to register with the gallery ID to be notified when images are available for purchase.

As always make sure you click the images below to view them full size in a slideshow.

UPDATE***Your personalized web page is now online with a slide show of 30images. You may also now register to view the full proofs as soon as they come online under the “purchase images” tab.


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  1. Great job you two! Some really creative work from both of you.

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