Katie & Josh | Purdue University Wedding | West Lafayette, IN

UPDATE: Katie and Josh’s site is now live! Right now you can enjoy a slide show of additional images and next week check back for the Signature Print. The album design will follow, as will all the wedding proofs. In the mean time click “Purchase Images” and get registered with an email address right now, that way you’re directly notified every time a new element goes live. Enjoy!

nonchalant |ˌnänSHəˈlänt|
Adjective (of a person or manner) feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm: She gave a nonchalant shrug.

I mentioned to Katie that when they come out with Nonchalant Bride Magazine she can be the first cover girl.

Now, I certainly would not accuse Katie of having no interest or enthusiasm for her wedding, but calm and relaxed, not displaying anxiety? Considering that half of us couldn’t make it to the hair appointment on time because of the traffic surrounding Purdue’s first Half Marathon, I’d say that Katie wins Nonchalant Bride of the year for refusing to be affected. All other little challenges were met with the same relaxed attitude, bringing me to the point where everything just seem to be going perfectly to plan, which as far as I’m concerned, it did.

What fun we had on campus – Katie and Josh had made it a priority to allow enough time for lots of campus photos and it shows. The challenge today was not what to include in this first post but what to leave out, so be sure and check back for the next installment for lots more!

Speaking of, come back here next Wednesday, October 31st for their personalized website. Thanks again to Katie, Josh, Holly, Chip, Nancy, Larry and the (fun!) Wedding Party. Thank you to Tory and a big thumbs-up to Mammaw’s Sweet Shoppe and White Iris for a killer cake and flowers!




  1. Chip and Holly Heinlen says:

    Awesome start Dave. We can’t wait to see the rest. Your comments for the bride and groom are spot on. It was a pleasure having you as a part of our day. You do great work.

    Holly & Chip

    • Adam says:

      *wedding party. unless you’re not thanking the groomsmen. lol. sorry i’m a stickler

      • Adam says:

        Great pictures.

        • Ahh, good point! I never realized my omission/incorrect wording! Fixed!

          • Bryan and Claire Quasthoff says:

            These pictures are great, Dave. We (wedding party)had so much fun taking the pictures around the campus and these show the fun, spot-on! We can’t wait to see the rest!


            • Lacey says:

              How can i see the website for the other pictures?

              • Just updated to include that information, thanks!

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