Holly & Jon | The Fowler House | Lafayette, IN

UPDATE: Holly and Jon’s personalized website is now online. First up are slideshow images, but get ready to see the Signature Print in a few days. Be sure and click on “Purchase Images” and get registered – that way you’ll be notified when each exciting element goes live… like the album design!

My daughter informed me a couple of years ago (when she was 10) that her wedding would be held at the Fowler House. I can see why. Like I said to Mike, it’s like shooting in a castle – classic, elegant, timeless… Gothic, but without the eyeliner or angst! Very enjoyable light and views from nearly every angle, a photographer’s delight!

Holly’s plans came together a bit last-minute, but very well nonetheless. She also handled every curve ball with aplomb (A little rain during the ceremony? Sure!), never once exhibiting the slightest bit of unease or impatience. Jon was also quite poised, and from my estimation marrying an Itin is no small feat – many, many people to meet, greet and visit. Holly and Jon even made a side trip over to University Place so that Ermida Itin could see Holly in her wedding gown. Very sweet.

Thank you to the Bridal Party, Families and Guests for so much patience, and thank you to Holly and Jon for allowing me to indulge a little. A trip to the Sidewinder on Purdue’s Campus provided some of the more conceptual images from the day. I appreciate the extra 10 minutes.

Here are my favorites for now, I will be posting a link to Holly and Jon’s personalized website on Friday, where you’ll find their album design, the Signature Print, and much more. See you soon!

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  1. These are fantastic captures. The one of the two of them in the vining is absolutely wonderful! Well done, ISO team, well done!!

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