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UPDATE: Heather and Kevin’s website is up! Enjoy the slideshow and next week look for the Signature Edition Print!

So nice working amongst so many friends and familiar faces. It represents a challenge, however, as there is also work to be done. We all had our work cut out for us. Heather and Kevin’s friends and family did an admirable job on Saturday, as did the West Lafayette Golf and Country Club’s staff, in morphing their outdoor ceremony into an indoor one. It was difficult to tell that this had not been the plan all along. Way to come together for this wonderful couple!

As with many weddings I’ve photographed, the rain cleared in time for us to create beautiful images of the Bridal Party and Bride and Groom outside. Sometimes the mixture of sun, clouds and a hard-to-describe air quality after a rain make for the best light! Thank you to Sarah LaMar for contributing her perspective on the day as well. Her images will well assist me in telling Heather and Kevin’s story.

In another week or so I will post their personalized website, which will include their Signature Edition Print, album design, and finally the full set of proofs. You can register here to be notified as soon as these things are posted. Enjoy!


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  1. Heather says:

    Thanks Dave and Sarah for helping capture this day in photos. We really enjoyed working with you both and truly appreciate all of your hard work!

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