Hannah & Chris | West Lafayette, IN | Wedding Photography

UPDATE: Hannah and Chris’ personalized website is now online. For now there is a slideshow, in just a few days I’ll post the Signature Edition Print, then their album design and finally the full set of proofs. We are now just a week or two away from seeing it all, so stay tuned!

Hannah and Chris’ day was one of love and faith. The sentiments and emotions shared between these two people and their families are ones of lasting faith and a deep passion for serving others. The trappings of a normal wedding day were definitely secondary to honoring and celebrating their commitment to God and to one another.

As far as photography goes, it was quite a relief that such a large bridal party could be so attentive and responsive. As it was naturally very cold on January 1st in northern Indiana, we spent a total of probably 20 minutes outside all day, yet were able to capture more than what was necessary to create a beautiful image collection. Thank you to the Bridal Party and Families! Thank you to Sarah LaMar for her contributions as well. Always a welcome addition to the team.

Still to come are Hannah and Chris’ personalized website, Signature Edition Print, album design and proofs, so be sure and register now to be updated when all of these things happen. Its a six week process, so stay tuned.


-Dave (and Sarah)

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