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It’s been a minute since I’ve done wedding photography at Saint Lawrence. I love the classic design, but also the abundant space and light. The church was also filled with incredible music, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I quite enjoyed working with Erin and Kevin. Their engagement session was a great way to get to know them better, even though I already know Erin’s father fairly well. Having worked for her family in the past, I knew that Erin (and Kevin) had a tremendous amount of love and support coming from their loved ones. I knew their wedding day would be a joy. What I wasn’t quite prepared for was the extent to which the families had planned the perfect event. No sooner than the processional had begun, I was treated to the first of several pleasant surprises from the day. Someone had arranged for a family member of Kevin’s to sing for the ceremony, and within just a few bars he had captivated the entire congregation. Expertly backed by two fine, veteran musicians, the young man’s voice soared around the church, and then through our hearts. I really can’t say enough about how much the music added to a beautiful ceremony.

Next up was the classic convertible turned getaway car, and what an excellent choice it was. It was red, even, and photographed beautifully.

I enjoyed the family formals portion of the day, it’s always nice working for familiar faces, and meeting new ones, like Kevin’s parents Ann and Greg. The formals aren’t the focus of the photography for many couples, but it’s still nice to spend 30 minutes or so bringing everyone together and marking the occasion. Everyone’s dressed up, after all!

I joined the Bridal Party on a visit to campus, and again some magical strings were pulled to get us onto the football field of a certain Big Ten college. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the rare opportunity of this setting. It was nice watching the Bridal Party enjoy the special moment.

The reception at The Lafayette Country Club is where I felt like the day would really shine, and my hunch was proven to be correct. Erin’s father had taken the opportunity to plan a big surprise (and we’ll get to that), but even I was surprised to learn that Purdue Pete was making an appearance later in the evening! In the meantime I enjoyed the very heartfelt comments shared by Erin’s father as well as her sisters and Kevin’s brother Brian. It’s great to get the chance to take a glimpse into the relationships of those you’ve known for some time, moments like these really tell the story of a family and I’m always honored to be tasked with capturing those memories.

DJ Sunn kept the crowing moving (it’s what he does) and The Lafayette Country Club kept us all extremely well fed. I’ve had many meals at LCC over the years and the food just honestly keeps getting better. Just when we thought we’d enjoyed ourselves as much as can be reasonably expected, it was time for the Grand Finale. We were ushered outside and treated to a professional firework show in honor of Erin and Kevin! The look on Erin’s face by the end of the evening made everyone’s hard work well worth the effort. Speaking of hard work, a special thank you to Sarah LaMar for lending her talents for the day. She captured many of the outstanding images you see here, as she always does!

What you see now is just an initial sampling of what’s coming over the next several weeks. Enjoy!




  1. Jessica Mecklenburg says:


    Thank you sooo much for just the start of the amazing pictures. I absolutely LOVE the pictures! Thank you for capturing such an amzing day. Thank you for being patient with our family. My favorites are Erin face with the fireworks, the amazing smiles you captured all day and of course the picture of Trent and dad. The post to go with the pictures was very thoughtful. I loved reading from someone elses view. I know we wanted to make the day as special as possible. There were definately a lot of suprises for the day.

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  2. Thank you Jessica. My favorite is of your mother as she watches you girls come down the aisle!

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