Erica & Baron – June 16, 2007

UPDATE: Wedding images up here!

UPDATE: The album preview is now online! See it here!

Whew! What a day! I left Lafayette at 9:00am for Bedford, Indiana. Two and a half hours and a few wrong turns later I arrived at the spa to meet Erica and the girls. Erica had some pants with the biggest legs I’ve ever seen!

It was great seeing Lauren again, she’s Baron’s sister and I photographed her wedding a couple of years ago. Here she is helping with Erica’s makeup. I LOVE this shot:

After the spa we headed to the house so everyone could get dressed. This was also my opportunity to do some shots of all the girls. Seeing as it was 95 degrees outside we opted to shoot indoors. Fortunately the Farmers have a beautiful home with a room practically made for photography.

Once we arrived at the church I had the opportunity to spend some time with Baron and the groomsmen. It was great seeing all the familiar faces, it makes me even more relaxed already knowing some of the bridal party. Check out the shot of Baron and the groomsmen on their collage page, it’s one of my favorites from the day. Here’s another:

Next, a few of my favorites from the ceremony, including one I think Erica’s going to love:

It was literally a blessed day, even the sun was cooperating:

A few minutes of down time provided some nice candids:

Baron was really enjoying the limo:

Baron surprised Erica with a special gift at the reception:

And Erica’s dad had some moves of his own:

And I’m not even sure what to say, LOL:

And to wrap up, a candid I’m very pleased with, I was hoping when I shot it to have a good silhouette:

Thanks to everyone! I had such a great time! When I think back on how long the day was I just can’t believe it, it went by so fast. I’m so happy with the images, and I can’t wait to show off the rest to everyone. An album design will be up real soon with lots more coming after that so check back in often!

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