Sonnie & David | Engagement Photography | Indianapolis, IN

I have to say that I’m enjoying my sessions more and more. After 13 years capturing weddings and special moments for couples it’s a relief to me more than anyone that I’m still inspired!

Many know that David will be representing the United States at the Olympics in London in just a few days, so it would be understandable if he were a little preoccupied during our session. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Sonnie and David were completely focused on each other and clearly enjoying this rare opportunity to spend some time together without the distractions of daily life. I think we created some stunning images, and I put it all down to the level of enthusiasm Sonnie and David had for the shoot as well as their commitment to one another!



  1. Tara Re says:

    The one with the windows lit up like a flag is fitting and perfect and awesome.

    • Ann Ohl says:

      Wow! What gr8 photos of a beautiful couple.

      • Thank you ladies. I’m very happy with this set.

        • Karalee says:

          Love, love, love Dave!!! You are amazing!! There are so many absolutely gorgeous shots and i agree with Tara…that pic is one of my favs:). Thank you for sharing your talents!

          • Steve B says:

            Tell David congrats on the gold metal! He’s having a great year with the engagement and now the Olympics!

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