Roxie & Bob – Green Hill, IN

OMG, what a fun Engagement Session! All credit to Roxie and Bob, who came up with all the great concepts you see here. Love Bob’s suits, love the tea party, love the settings we had to work in. Big thanks to Johnny Klemme for the use of his farm, and thanks to Travis for cooking dinner. More to come!

View all the images here.


  1. Sarah Schwab says:

    These might be the coolest photos I have seen! I love the colors and the settings. Great job!

    • Travis says:

      Wow, great job all around!

      • Johnny K says:

        Wowzers! Nice work Dave! You preserved their personalities to the highest degree. Kudos.

        • Thanks guys, it was really nothing… R&B are great subjects!

          • Jenny H says:

            ya’ll are so fun. roxie, you look beautiful, i really love number 16

            • mackenzi walters says:

              just beautiful. and super fun. perfect perfect perfect for bob and roxie.

              • kier says:

                wow. speechless, the colors, the lighting, BOB & ROXIE, gorgeous!!!

                • Javin says:

                  Magnificent work, Dave. And lovely subjects, as well.

                  • Linda Klemme says:

                    Roxie in dresses??? Lovely! These remind me of old photos from the 1800″s. The stills and poses are great. What lovely memories for the future.

                    • Kate Spanke says:

                      Hey Dave – I stumbled onto your blog from… your website, I think! These shots are excellent… my favorites are the backlit field shots – stunning. That is my favorite type of light of all time!

                      • Buckster says:

                        Great pictures! I actually grew up and lived in Green Hill for 25 years until I moved in 1984. Where were these pictures taken?

                        • Johnny Klemme’s farm – a couple of miles west of Green Hill proper.

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