Mitzi and Ron | Outdoor Engagement | West Lafayette, IN

I should be getting a check from the Starbucks corporate office any day now! Two engagement shoots at Starbucks in the same year, both for completely different reasons done in two different ways. Mitzi is marrying Ron Starbuck, so in just a few months they will be ” The Starbucks”. Cute, right?

Most of our time was spent at a small garden next to the horticulture building on Purdue’s Campus. This garden’s open nature made it easy to work in with my long lens. It also has a nice variety of structures to help break up the images. Ron did a fantastic job of keeping things fun, he knows exactly how to make Mitzi laugh. I have said it many times but I will say it again, if the expressions are real then anything I do is almost secondary. So thanks Ron, and thanks Mitzi for finding such a funny guy.





  1. Great job Mike! Really like these. Your use of depth is interesting, so are the color enhancements. -Dave

    • Teresa & Phil Maxwell says:

      Great pictures of a beautiful couple.

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