Kat and Ben | Engagement | Lafayette, IN

On our way back to the studio from the “field” shots Kat says “ah we should have done a night shoot”. I’m glad she said something because the shots we got from just a few minutes of night shooting are not only my favorite from the session, but have a look unlike anything I have shot before. I decided to use a gritty, dirty, and grainy post processing style that I have never used before as well, it to helps play up the vintage film feel that was the theme for the whole session.



  1. Kat says:

    I just have to say not only am i impressed every person i have shown these to are so impressed and want to know every thing about you Michael and where the studio is.
    Thank you so much for the long 5 hours and you being so open and fun with us! Cant wait till the wedding!

    • Tina says:

      (Mother of the Bride)Just beautiful ! Luv them all. wish all the ones i saw were on this site. Awesome job wish photographer was here….

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