Whitney & Brady | Engagement Photography | Indiana

Sometimes waiting pays off. I had been scheduled to do Engagement Photography for Whitney and Brady but we had to postpone our original date due to bad weather. We were rewarded with a perfect evening, and an ideal setting to go with it. Whitney had lined up a beautiful farm setting as well as things like a classic pickup truck and flower arrangements. A little masculine to go with the feminine. Classic!

I was delighted with a bit of a surprise in the “old” farmhouse that was on the property. Broken windows, weathered paint, rusted farm implements… I was in texture seventh heaven! I also saw some furniture in the “main” house that I was able to utilize outdoors. The idea is to always keep the eyes open and even more so an open mind, unexpected opportunities present themselves much more often when you’re looking for them!

Evening sessions in the summer tend to start fairly late. We really got rolling around 8pm and the sunset images seen here took place right around 9pm. Studio lighting was employed in the field in order to enhance the colors and tones of the sky and setting sun.

Perhaps the best part of the session was getting to meet Whitney’s Grandparents – they were so welcoming and made me feel right at home. Best of all they laughed at my jokes!



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