Chelsea and Jason | Engagement Photography | Lafayette, IN

We encourage every wedding couple to do  an engagement session with the photographer that will be shooting their wedding. Not only will the couple learn the way that we shoot and a few common positions, but almost as important, I as the photographer learn the way the couple photographs.

Chelsea and Jason are from Lafayette but they currently live in St. Louis. So this week, when we sat down to go over last minute plans and changes, I requested (ok maybe I insisted a little bit) that they do a mini engagement shoot. On this shoot I learned that Chelsea may be an outgoing talkative person, but is shy in front of the camera. Yet, when Jason is in a shot with her she relaxes quite a lot, and when she looks at Jason and not  directly at the camera she is even more relaxed. The things learned between both parties go a long way to working smoothly on the big day. So no matter if you hire me, Dave or anyone else, take the time and do an engagement shoot with them. You will be glad you did.

Here are a few favorite images from Chelsea and Jason’s mini engagement shoot. All images were taken in the same two blocks of downtown in 45mins. Crazy huh?



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