Emily & George | Saint Boniface | Wedding Photography


Before I even get started let me say a huge thanks to Sarah LaMar for her outstanding work as Emily and George’s second photographer. She captured many wonderful candids along with great coverage of the ceremony, decor and reception.

The choice of venues lent a timeless, classy nature to the lighting and ambiance of the photos. An old favorite is now a new favorite, and that is Saint Boniface Catholic Church. After years gone by without working there, I’ve since been back a number of times in the last year or two. It really does present such wonderful quality of light along with stunning architecture. The leadership of the church seem to be quite relaxed and treat every couple with a very personal approach. I just love it.

Duncan Hall was a nice counterpart to Saint Boniface, especially being just a block or so away. It’s elegant rooms were the perfect place for Emily’s preparations. I’m very happy with the images from that early part of the day. Emily also had some nice requests, like the “almost reveal” and more. She had suggested Horticulture Park for the relaxed group photos, which worked out very nicely. Happily, she was also open to a few suggestions, allowing me to use one of my favorite campus locations not far from the park.

I truly had a splendid time with the bridal party and families, listening to heartfelt toasts and then watching the energetic dancing and socializing. Please enjoy these few favorites of mine, there are many, many more images coming in the next few weeks along with an album design.


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