Caitlin & Peter | Duncan Hall Wedding | Lafayette, IN

Duncan Hall offers a unique, distinguished setting for a wedding. A living artifact from a time when artisans built our homes and businesses, custom touches are everywhere one looks. While it is visually appealing, it is also accurately defined as an intimate setting. Caitlin and Peter had invited their closest family and friends for their event, and Duncan Hall was perfect venue.

Downtown Lafayette affords several opportunities for outdoor photos, not least of which is my studio at 505 Main Street. With intense weather looming during most of the day, we decided to stay close to ISPhotographic so that we could escape the rain on a moments notice. Unfortunately for us we had to take advantage of the plan! It rained buckets while photographed our studio session. However, I’m as pleased with the results as I could be, and home Caitlin and Peter are, too.

Family formals (not pictured here) were arranged in one of Duncan Hall’s beautiful sitting rooms. In fact, there are glimpses of the room in Peter’s preparation photos and in one of the Bridal Party posed images. I like the chance to do something a little different and these rooms with their variety of furniture really give me that nice change of pace.

The ceremony was lovely, including vows the couple had written. After the ceremony the room was “flipped” in preparation for their Grand Entrance and reception activities. The entertainer for the evening remarked on something that I already knew – that Caitlin and Peter seemed not concerned in the slightest over small concerns or worries. My theory is that they are just so satisfied and happy to have one another, and that the rest is just details. Certainly the activities of the day were secondary to making a commitment to one another.

Here is a small sampling of my initial favorites, with many more images to come. I hope you enjoy this preview.



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