Darcy & Jake

Darcy and Jake are friends with Lacey and Dustin Deno, you may have seen their wedding on the blog a few months ago. I’ll be doing Darcy and Jake’s wedding as well, but for now we did their engagement portrait session. They had requested a few ‘semi-formals’ to be shot in the studio, but what they were really interested in were some outdoor at night shots. We lucked out with very mild weather, BTW.

These turned out to be very exciting, IMO, but I’ll get to those as we look at some images:

Something simple, elegant and fun to start out:

Something a bit more ‘moody’ and interesting, perhaps:

Things get more colorful and relaxed as we move outside…

Speaking of color, I experimented a little with the white balance on this one to increase the mood:

Check back in September to see some wedding images!

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