Cynthia & Craig | Exploration Acres | Indiana Wedding

Cynthia and Craig tied the knot at nearly the exact age as my wife and I, and here we are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. Here’s looking forward to their 20th.I just have to say that I am very impressed with them, Craig is a fine example of motivation and responsibility, and Cynthia is a bit of a free spirit… Again I’m reminded of my own past (except my wife was the responsible one, not me!). That’s not to say she isn’t responsible – her dedication to detail in planning the wedding was quite apparent.

Oh yeah… in case you don’t notice… they’re Cubs fans!

It was a pleasure working for these families yet again. Thank you to Heidi for helping me capture the day. I especially like her photos of the dances, taken from a high position in the loft area in Exploration Acres’ barn.

Enjoy these favorites, there are many, many more coming soon to these friends and families.


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