Christina & Josh – September 16, 2006

Update 10/13/06: Wedding images are now online. Enjoy!

Update 10/10/06: Wedding images will be up tomorrow, so check back!

Ok, so at this point I’m practically the Bandy/Wright/Topolski families’ official photographer… which is fine by me! This was like my fifth or sixth shoot with Christina, and she is just lovely. Easy to work with and usually up for anything… like teeing off from her husband’s face, but we’ll get to that later! LOL

First Baptist was the church, Coyote Crossing was the reception venue, and Dan Jordy was the entertainment!

Thanks to everybody for a great time, here are some favorites for now:

Christina’s eager to see her man:

Nice colors, nice lighting:

Ready to rock!

The goyles (as Popeye would say):

I think they’re happy:


The fellas:

Some more nice lighting… oh yeah, check out the bride and groom, too…

One at Christina’s request:

One word: Trust!

Moms get emotional:

Josh takes over from Dan as life of the party:

Stay tuned!

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