Claire & Mitch * Canal 337 * Indianapolis Wedding

There’s no getting around it – it rained on Saturday. All Day. But a wedding at Canal 337 in Indianapolis, even on a rainy day, is still a breathtaking event.

Claire and Mitch were fortunate to be surrounded by supportive friends and family. Their guests were among the most enthusiastic throughout the entire day. They positively exploded onto the dance floor! A welcome turn of events, indeed.

Regardless of the weather, I’m very pleased with the images we created along the canals in Indy. I’m also quite pleased with the work that Sarah stepped up and provided – she made my day an easy one for sure!

These are but a sampling of images from the day. There will be many, many more. Right now my favorite is of Mitch and Claire on the staircase under the chandelier in Canal 337. Enjoy!


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