Brittany and Josh | Wedding Photography | Lafayette, IN

Neither love nor laughter were in short supply this day. The love was evident in the tears. I was able to photograph many tears. Josh’s eyes filled with tears as Brittany walked down the isle and I love the shot of him trying to hold it together. Brittany and her father could were crying nearly every time they looked at each other with the real waterworks coming at the reception during their father daughter dance. As much as I love to photograph the raw emotion of tears the most memorable moments for me were all laughter. The laughs were happening all day from preparations to the dance floor. If I didn’t know better I would have thought the events of the garter removal were staged. It was such a great real moment that will stay with me for a wile. I am just glad I was able to keep shooting though the laughter.


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  1. Juanita Hamlin says:

    Amazing day…captured in the lens of your camera reflective of the profound joy we all felt this day! Love engulfed this room with every greeting, hug and the laughter. Two families came together and not a stranger was in the room. Joyful day indeed and you were the master in making a memory!

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