Beth and Joe — a great couple, a joy to work with, and both blessed with wonderful families – loving, supportive and LIVELY. It was a beautiful event, despite the persistent rain (minus a short window after the ceremony, which was perfect for family formals outside). Jessica Johnson and her staff did a wonderful job with the event at The Trails, and the team of family and friends that decorated did an over-the-top fantastic job as well. It was stunning!

I was impressed with several things on their wedding day, but I was most impressed with the families’ combined ability to have a good time…and it was contagious. The dance floor was not a lonely one…this group knows how to GET DOWN. I loved it! Also, there were tons of cute kids…which is often my favorite part of the wedding day photography. And they flooded the dance floor with killer moves! DJ Sunn with RatPak did an awesome job with the music, and even showed off some of his own moves to set the stage.  And then came the official dance-offs. A particular few boys and guys took the spotlight with their smooth moves! It was entertaining to say the least!

Here is an early collection of my favorites.





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  1. Sheryl Matthews says:

    Beautiful pictures. As the Brides Mother I want to say thank you with all my heart for capturing the whole event.

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