Best of Weddings 2012 | Wedding Photography | Contest

UPDATE! Nick and Jen are still in the lead with 12 hours of voting time left. A serious “share” campaign could change everything! Who will come out on top? I love the anticipation!

UPDATE! Without taking an official count it looks like #40 of Nick and Jen is in the lead. Who will step up and challenge? All it takes is a handful of shares (click the button below) and who knows what the outcome could be? Just a few days of voting left!

UPDATE! Let’s make it a little more interesting… $100 ISPhotographic product credit to the winner and $50 in their name to Almost Home Humane Society. Get out the vote this weekend! Share the link on facebook, twitter, get shameless, get wild! Now… GO!!!

It’s been three years since we ran a “best-of” contest. Here’s how it works: Mike and I have chosen an image or two from each of this year’s weddings, YOU get to vote for the best image! It’s simple, just leave a comment below this post with your favorite image (they are numbered when you click to view them) and why it’s your favorite. Be shameless and share via Facebook etc, that’s what it’s all about. We will donate $25 to Almost Home Humane Society in the name of the winner. Voting ends 2/1/2013 at 12:00am.

125 comments to Best of Weddings 2012 | Wedding Photography | Contest

  • Riley  says:

    #15 because of the bridesmaid cheering!

    • Jordan Jehly  says:

      I like #15. It has a Beatles “Abby Road” feel to it.

      • Janelle  says:


        • jamie  says:


          • Jessica  says:


            • Peter  says:

              Photo #40.

              • ingrid  says:

                #40. Let’s make like a bread truck and HAUL BUNS!

                • LORETTA  says:


                  • Hannah  says:

                    #40 LOVE YOU GUYS!

                    • Joe  says:

                      #40 that’s my sister 🙂

                      • Lisa b  says:

                        Number 40!

                        • Sue Sebacher  says:

                          #40 my beautiful daughter and handsome son in law

                          • Bernadette Geringer  says:

                            #40 for the Happy Sante Fe couple!

                            • Therese  says:

                              #40 so proud of this beautiful couple

                              • nicole  says:


                                • paige  says:


                                  • Sam  says:

                                    #40 what a happy couple

                                    • Annemarie  says:

                                      #40 the best!

                                      • Naomi  says:

                                        #15 unique picture.

                                        • Eurick  says:

                                          #40. I was at their wedding. They look so happy.

                                          • judy  says:

                                            Definitely #40. Awesome picture, amazing couple.

                                            • Pat  says:

                                              #40 a perfect match!!!

                                              • emily  says:


                                                • Vicki  says:

                                                  #15 looks like they are having fun 🙂

                                                  • jamie  says:


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