Sara and Andrew | Wedding Photography | West Lafayette, IN

UPDATE: Sara and Andrew’s site is now live! Right now you can enjoy a slide show of additional images and next week check back for the Signature Print. The album design will follow, as will all the wedding proofs.

I grew up next to Faith Presbyterian Church. It is literary 1,000 feet from the home I grew up in. I often played football and flew kites in the open field behind the church, yet I had never been inside of it… until now.

My first impression is that it is a church from another time. It matched the classic, simple feel that Sara and Andrew had for their whole wedding day. Classic is the word I would use to describe most of the day, like Sara’s dress and true face-covering veil, all the way to their exit.

My favorite classic touch that Sara and Andrew had was their actual planned exit from the reception. Most often these days a bride and groom do an exit from the ceremony, yet are the last to leave their own reception. Sara and Andrew ran out in a shower of birdseed from all of their guests to a comically decorated car. They then proceeded to literally drive off into the sunset. It was nothing groundbreaking or wild, but it was real, true, and earnest. All qualities that I would use to describe them as a couple.


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