Wesley Hartman

Yesterday provided a very interesting Senior session. Wesley is a very interesting young man… never a dull moment as I told him, he’s involved in writing, motorcycling, swimming and airsoft competition. Whew!

When his mother Pam called to ask if they were welcome to bring props of their own, I told her I’d be happy to accommodate.

The first prop was rather large, a Honda motorcycle (and they didn’t even know I’m a huge Honda fan!):

I love this shot!

The next prop was slightly out of the ordinary, a Ruger .44 caliber revolver. Wesley is a fan of the Roland character from Steven King’s “The Dark Tower” series, he’s also written some spin-off pieces of his own based on the character. So, we did some “Gunslinger” themed shots at his request:

And one very intense image:

Yes, I was in fact staring down the barrel of a loaded gun! Of course, we took every appropriate safety measure when photographing this image.

Click the image to view the larger version.

Thanks to Mark Hartman for all his knowledge and help during the entire session!

I can’t wait to finish Wesley’s project, which will include a 20 page hard bound book from the session’s images!

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