I was beyond excited to meet this precious little boy, Gavin, as he is the second son of my dear friends Donnie and Billy, and the newest member of their awesome little family. I also really enjoy and prefer in-home newborn photography and family photography. It is more comfortable, natural and sincere. Gavin was a snuggly dream baby the entire visit. Their first son, Julian, will make a fantastic older brother. He is already protective and aware of Gavin. I saw this first hand, as my own son was overly curious and a tad ornery with Gavin…Julian was on the scene, making sure he was ok. 🙂

The first moments are so amazing when a new baby is born! It’s the best feeling in the world to bring a new baby home, and I was honored to capture some of these moments for them to keep forever. <3 And so, welcome to the world, Gavin!

Here are some of my favorites!


All of Gavin’s newborn photography took place in Billy and Donnie’s bedroom, where there was ample window light. I always prefer using natural light, wherever possible! After getting a few images of just Gavin, and then Gavin and Mama, the boys joined in for some family pictures. Because it was in their home, and relatively casual, nothing was too posed. Posing typically ruins the fun, and isn’t usually possible with a toddler anyway. Candids are the best, in my opinion.

Furthermore, it’s so sweet to see the dynamic between new siblings and watch a small child’s wheels turning, figuring out his new scenario and role as big brother. Julian is very careful, thoughtful and aware of his baby brother and all his newness. These first days and weeks of adjusting from a family of three to a family of four is still quite fresh in my mind, as we were in the same situation almost a year ago. I look back on these days as the best time in my life! Capturing that time is so important!! I’m so glad I could do that for them. 🙂

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  1. Kathy Cisar says:

    Because I haven’t been able to see our newest grandson, Gavin and be with Julian to see them bond, these photos captured the heart and soul of a blessed and much loved family. They are each so unique and beautiful!

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