Charlie and Kate | Black and White Portrait | Lafayette, IN

Kate and Charlie brought me back to high school. My senior project was heavily influenced by high contrast Hollywood headshots.  When Kate called, she requested a black background juxtaposed against her white hair and her husband Charlie’s white mustache. Kate even went so far as to reference the work of  Yousuf Karsh, a classic portrait photographer.

This style is useful for actors because the face and the expression become the whole focus of the image. This style was perfect for Charlie and Kate as it amplifies the story their faces are telling: their humor and love for each other become the the whole shot. It was refreshing to shoot in this style again and I cannot thank Kate and Charlie enough for trusting us with their creative vision.



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  1. Susan Sperry says:

    Michael – Love these B&W pics so much that I think I already like the subjects! I get the idea that they’re fun people.

    Congratulations Kate and Charlie and Michael, too.

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