Sarah & Matt | West Lafayette, IN |Outdoor Wedding

It would be easy to let the setting of this amazing day take center stage. A beautiful house, a pond, and the greenest grass you’ve ever seen made for ideal wedding day surroundings. However, you wouldn’t be paying attention if you didn’t notice the emotion present between this bride, groom and their families. So many tears were shed throughout the day, but they were clearly tears of unmatched joy.

What a pleasure to work for such families. Constantly looking after their guests needs, as well as ours. Matt is a pure gentleman – and Sarah is so patient and kind. She and her bridesmaids let me indulge in so many ideas and accommodated so many requests. Thank you.

Thank you to Sarah LaMar once again as well as the rest of the wedding A Team that was present. Always good to work with such seasoned professionals.

Enjoy these moments and I hope you look forward to more.



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