Diego & Mayari | Pet Portrait Photography | Lafayette, IN

What fun to do some pet portrait photography for Diego and Mayari. I must admit that their dog’s name escapes me (how embarrassing) but he was such a wonderful little pup to work with. He responded perfectly to all my little tricks, getting him to look at the camera as often as needed. We obviously started here in our studio on Main Street, then we stepped outside

for a short time. The entire session only took about 30 minutes. We have lots of experience working with animals, so good results aren’t usually difficult to come by at this point. If you are busy (who isn’t?) but would like to create a lasting memory of your pet, family, or both – allow us to maximize your time and experience. The bottom line – we love working with animals!

If you have a beloved pet that you’d like to include in a portrait, we are here to help. We can offer you our luxurious studio setting or are happy to visit the location of your choice. Multiple animals are fine, as we have done many sessions with extended pet families. Let us use our expertise and experience to create a portrait beautifully and quickly, and make it one that you can enjoy for decades to come. We have a complete product line including framing, canvases, jewelry and more! Call us today to discuss your project: 765-420-9621

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