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Whether you take photos with your iPhone or Android smartphone or consider yourself self-taught amateur photographer, we’ve got a lot in common.

Every month (and occasionally more often than that) I will be bringing you the in’s and outs’ from the land of digital photography. From tips and tricks for getting the most out of your camera to tech news product reviews and a few lessons I’ve learned along the way… we’ll cover the whole spectrum.  My goal is for you to get some value, learn a thing or two and if you feel inclined, drop me line or leave a comment so I can improve along the way.

In the meantime, we’ll kick things off with my current Top 10.

My Current Top 10
1. Thankful. This year, more than ever. Life is fragile, make every moment count.

2. We have two dogs and a cat and sometimes they join me at the office. It makes life more interesting.

3. I love the outdoors. Conservation, stewardship, camping, hiking and more.

4. I am naturally a water creature. I love to swim and one day I will compete in an open water swim in the Pacific.

5. A few years ago, I paid forward a few acres of land back to mother earth. I am not going to infringe on this small parcel for the rest of my days, letting natural succession run its course.

6. I try to strike a balance between solitude and comradery.

7. I have canoed, kayaked or rafted several rivers across the United States. On one occasion during a tornado touch-down, having to seek cover under a bridge.

8. I challenge myself to be healthier in mind, body and spirit. I don’t always succeed.

9. I have seven nieces and nephews and six great nieces and nephews. I enjoy the time I have spent with them, it’s never as often as I’d like.

10. Always trust a gut feeling. Every time I don’t, I find my hindsight to be an accurate 20/20.


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