Bailey and David…probably the smiliest couple I’ve ever photographed! Bailey would call it “awkwardness,” but I call it pure gold! 🙂 All jokes aside, I understand the abundance of smiles…they have a lot to be happy about! So much love between these two! And they were surrounded by nothing but love and support.

I’ve known Bailey and her family for several years, and I absolutely loved shooting their wedding. What a wonderful group of family and friends. It was oddly cooler for a June wedding – beautiful sunshine and low 70’s. A gorgeous day for an absolutely wonderful couple. The mood was calm but excited. In fact, I can’t remember a single “hiccup” — everything went as planned (as far as I could tell). Even if something had gone awry, this group of people probably would’ve taken it in stride. My kind of people!! 🙂 Seriously, this group of people have all of the right elements to create the best wedding day: humor, taste, patience, care and love.

There were so many emotionally stimulating moments throughout Bailey & David’s wedding day. The Maid of Honor, and Bailey’s younger sister, Ally, performed the sweetest musical number during the ceremony with the Matron of Honor, Corey, which was absolutely breathtaking. It’s really neat to see all spectrums of emotion during the time of documentation, but also afterwards, as I view the images during the editing process. Another big moment was during speeches. So many sweet words and emotions were spoken. I love this part of the job. On my end, I imagine the pure terror of public speaking, and can empathize with those who are speaking, and then I love to witness the total surrender to the overwhelming emotion – the focal point of love, time, memories, hope and joy. I definitely shed a few tears myself!!

Bailey’s mother, Michelle, has been a good friend of mine (and coworker) for many years. I love the Ford family, and was honored to meet and work with the Hobbs family as well! It is clear that Bailey is in good hands, as two families join in marriage. I am so happy and hopeful for this awesome couple, as they embark on this great journey. Cheers to Bailey & David!! They are enjoying an amazing honeymoon in Jamaica right now! So jealous! 🙂 Congrats!!!!


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