Best of Kids 2012 | Portrait Photography Contest | Lafayette, IN

UPDATE: Voting is over and we will be counting this weekend. We’ll announce the winner next week!

UPDATE: Time to ramp up the fun for the last few days of voting! If you click or call to book a session and mention this post before the end of the contest you will receive a $50 BONUS print credit. That’s not all – book a session and vote for your favorite and if they win THEY get ANOTHER $50 credit for $150 total! Start sharing!

UPDATE: Without taking an official count it looks like #20 has a solid lead in the voting. Still plenty of time to click “share” and get some votes for your favorite? Or will #20 pull out all the stops and make an even tougher challenge? Can’t wait to see what happens!

Wow, we really had fun with the Best of Weddings 2012 contest — so much so that it only makes sense to do a Best of Kids! I think this might be even bigger, too! Here’s how it works: Mike and I have chosen an image or two from each of last year’s kids sessions, YOU get to vote for the best image! It’s simple, just leave a comment below this post with your favorite image (they are numbered when you click to view them) and why it’s your favorite. Be shameless and share via Facebook etc, that’s what it’s all about. We will donate a $100 print credit to the winning family and $50 to Foodfinders of Lafayette in the name of the winner. Voting ends 3/1/2013 at 12:00am.


  1. Sherry says:

    Photographer’s point of view # 25 & # 26

    From the eyes of a photographer, you have captured “The Natural” personality of this young boy. The carefree…free spirit of a kid. He is adorable and by far your best shots!!

    • Mel says:

      #21 all the way!

      • leslie says:

        25 & 26

        • Deborah Parker says:

          # 25 and 26…He is adorable…..

          • Janet Acosta says:

            #24 Kennedy of course.

            • Jessie says:

              #21! Cute Cute Cute!

              • Max Dellinger says:


                • Chelsie says:

                  Little Ella! #20

                  • Keith Crary says:

                    I vote #20

                    • Sharon says:

                      #21 Skylar

                      • Courtney says:

                        #20! So adorable!

                        • Suzanne says:

                          #20 simple and beautiful

                          • Lisa says:

                            #21 Skylar is adorable!

                            • Babs says:

                              # 3, Love how the joy in their faces shining with the sun in these photos, # 14, this is a picture with beautiful depth, and a beautiful face, # 28, I see so much happiness in the photo, and cuteness as well!

                              • Great Aunt Jan says:


                                • Jennifer Pershing says:


                                  • Mindi Jobe says:


                                    • Patrick says:

                                      25 and 26!! Cutie!

                                      • Tim Goodwin says:


                                        • Nathan Rogers says:


                                          • Mark Roush says:


                                            • Tracey says:

                                              Number 25 and 25!

                                              • Tracey says:

                                                Number 25 and 26!

                                                • Greg says:

                                                  Number 21 Awesome!

                                                  • Vincent says:

                                                    20 that baby is a baby, baby!

                                                    • Claudia L says:

                                                      # 20

                                                      • Joyce says:

                                                        #28 cutie

                                                        • Dana Pershing says:

                                                          #28 love that cute, mischievous smile

                                                          • Jolynn says:

                                                            I meant 27 and 28! oopse!

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