Roller Derby | Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls | West Lafayette, IN

Working with the Dolls has been a goal of the studio for over a year now. I personally have been a fan of the Brawln’ Dolls since I saw them for the first time last October. Unfortunately, most of their bouts are on Saturdays during wedding season, so getting a project going has been difficult. This year we were finally able to meet with a few members of the team and work out an arrangement for us to work together.

Being a fan, my goal was to capture the excitement I experience while attending a bout. To accomplish this I knew I wanted to use a dramatic lighting style. I set up two gridded strobes, one on each end of opposite corners of the track. This allowed me freedom of movement while still providing the intended dramatic highlights. I don’t encounter much opportunity to shoot fast motion, yet I am happy with the results I acheived. Here are a few favorites of both the Dolls and their opponents the Vette City Vixens. GO LBD!



  1. Biscuits says:

    Thank you! We appreciate your support and your beautiful work.

    • mama kitty says:

      do i need to pay you to put the pic of kitty (my daughter) & buffie on my FB page? great job & i also love that pic 🙂

      • The Liberator says:

        Thanks for your interest and great shots Michael! LBD look forward to working more with you! And we are super glad you are a fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anya Alnight says:

          i am absolutely speechless. i adore the picture of myself and kitty crossbones (#2). you did an amazing job! thank you so much for adding the intensity that so many miss. i hope you can make it to some more of our bouts, you are also welcome to come to practices – email us and we’ll give you the schedule. you are truly talented.

          i bow down to your awesomness

          anya alnight #247

          • Thanks all for the great comments! I’m sure Michael is thrilled. Feel free to facebook, etc just be sure and credit Michael Dick – ISPhotographic.


            • Thanks so much for all the comments ladies.

              @Anya I could have sworn you and Kitty were posing for me in that shot.


              • Mortician's Pet says:

                L<3VE it, all of it! One question: Where's the rest?

                • I think Mike has just finished wrapping up the edits…

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