Recording Sessions…

I play drums in a retro country outfit named Moonshine Mason and the Rot Gut Gang. We’re known for our ’40s and ’50s country sound, you know, when country music was still good. Our lead vocalist, Dustin Hopkins, is pretty amazing and accounts for most of the reason we’ve had any success.

At any rate, we’re currently in the studio recording a CD release. Last night we were doing piano tracks with Dave “Smitty” Smith, our piano player and songwriter. Dave is also an editor at The Journal & Courier here in Lafayette. He did a great job, and with just guitar tracks, some backing vocals and final mixing left to do, this recording project should be in the bag soon and I can’t wait to hear the finished product!

Chief engineer Scott Rottler (of Waltz For Venus) at the controls:

Scott sets the controls for the heart of the sun as Smitty looks on…

Smitty recording his tracks:

And he seems pleased with the final result.

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