iPhone Photography Contest

One of our Facebook videos generated an impromptu photography contest between two friends. You can choose the winner by casting your vote for your favorite image in the comments below. Loser buys the winner AND Mike and I dinner. See more in the latest Facebook video. Happy voting!



  1. LL Cool Bean says:

    windmill photo

    • Reckswood says:

      Number 6!

      • Tara says:

        #4 b/w keyboard

        • Reckswood says:

          Well I already left a comment before but it disappeared!? anyways…now I am torn between 5 & 6. ummm….um…I think I’ll go with…#5!!

          • Reckswood says:

            ha! now I can see the original comment. Just go with my first vote, I guess!

            • kdemerly says:


              • Sir Aaron K. says:

                Windmill photo.

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