May Family | One Year Old Photography | West Lafayette, IN

A nice moment from Kherington’s shoot came at the very end. Kherington was getting fussy and slightly “over it” until she reached for a book. It is an activity the family does together often and so we photographed it. It was not my idea or the parent’s idea. It was Kherington’s idea. Despite the fact that we have a lovely studio to work in downtown, lately I have been encouraging my clients to do portraits of young children and babies in their own home. Kids feel safe and secure in a familiar environment so the “stranger danger” phase of acclimating to me is far shorter then working in our studio. The other great benefit is having all of the child’s toys and personal affects right nearby. Parents don’t have to worry about what to bring or what not to bring.  I have no idea what Kherington’s parents would have thought to bring to the studio for a shoot, but I am betting books would not have been one of them.



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