Jadelyn Clugh | Paint | Senior Portrait | Jeff High School

How to have fun on a rainy day.

step 1-Put up tarps

step 2-Throw paint

step 3-Take photos!

Jadelyn wanted to do something outside the box for her senior portraits. While brain storming ideas over the phone this one seemed to stick out. Originally this was to be shot the same day as her fall colors shoot but logistically it just would not have been possible. So we rescheduled only to have it rain just as the lights were being set up outdoors. Determined to get the shots, we moved into the garage and made it happen. The whole thing turned out to be a riot! So much fun, I highly recommend you try it. Just make sure you buy washable paint!

-Michael Dick

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  1. Jeff Collins says:

    Fantastic job, Michael. This might be the coolest senior sitting I’ve ever seen…and you’re right about it being “outside the box.” I especially enjoyed the shot with the paint brush.

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